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The Very Beginning

I started sewing when I was about 10 years old and surprisingly the person who influenced me most was my sister who doesn't even sew!  When my sister was in middle school, I'm thinking 7th grade she had a Home Economics class (of course by the time I hit 7th grade they didn't offer that class anymore) and she made this octopus pillow shown here. 

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My sisters first octopus pillow was my inspiration at ten Sew Cute By Katie

Well I was super impressed and I wanted to make one of those pillows.  So I broke out Mom's Singer sewing machine and just started sewing pieces of fabric together not really making anything!   I started cutting out fabric to make something for my teddy bear to wear and just hand sewed some straps on so that was probably the first thing I ever made and my bear, Honey, wore it for years!   

Sewing Lessons & Patterns

When I got into middle school I finally got to take some lessons at Stretch and Sew, they were known for their pattern brand and had a local store. I learned to make a t-shirt, sweatshirt and even lingerie making a full slip for my mom and half slip for myself.  Speaking of slips that was probably the last time I wore one!  I even competed in a contest at Stretch and Sew making and decorating a sweatshirt.  I came in third place winning my favorite pair of scissors, Ginghers which are the best and still use some 30 years later.

Here's a link for the sweatshirt pattern -  -  still available on Amazon.  What's not on Amazon? Ha! 

And if you need a good pair of scissors, these are my favorite: -

After those few lessons, I kept sewing through high school but many of those projects ended up unfinished or in the trash, lots of trial and error because I was learning on my own.   I did make several garments and even wore one of the dresses I made in my Senior picture.  My Granny sewed, but she lived 4 hours away so I didn't have anyone that could help when I didn't know what to do next.  If only I'd had YouTube back then!

Making It My Passion

In college I majored in Fashion Merchandising and worked part time at an alterations shop and did and internship at a theater costume shop where I really learned a lot from those jobs because I had great teachers. After college I kept on sewing and still teaching myself how to alter clothing and started a side hustle doing alterations. I was even doing fittings in the bathroom of the office I worked at for my co-workers!

Then came the embroidery machines and I was hooked on that for sure!  So after many years working my side hustle of alterations, some home decor, and monogramming I finally took a leap and opened my first store in Louisville, Kentucky. I have loved every second! 

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