How To Sew a Face Mask

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It's been a crazy week, hasn't it?  School is out, proms are cancelled, and there is an odd shortage of toilet paper making its way to a store near you! 

We deeply hope you are able to stay safe during this time and collect all of the supplies you need.  Our small business is taking extra precautions by wiping down our door handles, counter, and credit card pin pad regularly. 

In addition to offering custom face masks made-to-order in the shop, I've also recorded and shared a DIY tutorial on how to sew your own!   

DIY Face Mask

Watch below if you'd like to see the entire process.

Jump below the video for a summary...


Supplies & Tips

  • Fabric 8"x14" Main
  • 1.75" x 6" Trim
  • 2 pieces elastic 6.5 inches long using 1/4 inch wide or less elastic

General Instructions

Please watch the short video for detailed sewing instructions. 

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Hope you enjoyed this sewing tutorial!

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  • Debbie on

    Thanks for a great video tutorial—paced at just the right speed, easy to understand.

  • Nancy on

    Love the pattern. Just a few suggestions since I have tried so many patterns making these for friends. 1. Agree mask needs metal to form around nose, 4” of pipe cleaner, twist tie or 24 gauge wire doubled & encased in fabric envelope work. Encase wire by stitching inside top center of mask to ensure it does not move when washed. If you don’t have wire, a small dart stitched at top center helps to form around nose. 2. You should use a 3rd layer of cotton since 3 layers is the CDC recommended count. 3. If you want to use a different fabric for the sides, the side casings should fit around the front so you can see them. As shown, the 1 1/2 inch strips don’t show anyway. 4. I started with 1/4” elastic and most people prefer a thinner ear elastic for comfort, so I cut the 1/4” elastic into 2 -1/8” strips. 5. You should indicate that the fabric needs to be prewashed because it will be be washed/sanitized in hot water after each wear. 6. You might also suggest using 2 8” by 7” pieces of fabric to enable sewer to use smaller pieces of fabric, Use a plain color for the back side to conserve prettier fabric. Thanks again for the video!

  • Dee on

    Thanks for a great tutorial, very easy to follow. My masks turn out well as per your instructions.
    I did however add a 6” piece of floral wire at the very top of mask so as to have a tighter fit at the nose area and then sewed it in place.

  • Kay Chesteen on

    Thank you for a perfect slow tutorial that I can fully watch and understand.❤️❤️

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