How to Sew a Neck Gaiter Face Mask

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Images of the 3-in-1 Neck Gaiter Face Mask at Sew Cute by Katie

Wear it as a face mask, headband, or scarf!

Fall is here and I thought it would be the perfect time to revisit a fun, 3-in-1 accessory to carry us through our face mask era. 

Learn to sew the neck gaiter with two layers of stretchy knit, allowing you to keep track of your outer layer (if being used as a face mask). Bonus is that you can incorporate two gorgeous fabrics if you want to wash and wear it differently another day!  

I found this darling leopard print knit material at my local Hobby Lobby. They have so many cute seasonal options.

For the inside of the neck gaiter, I'm using a clearance knit that I scored at Walmart. You can often find 2 yards for $2. Also, this is a great scrap buster project if you happen to have any knits in your stash. 

You will be sewing this using a zig zag stitch to maintain the fabric's stretchiness. Make sure you have this option on your machine.       

DIY Neck Gaiter Face Mask

Watch below if you'd like to see the entire process.

Jump below the video for a summary...



Supplies & Tips

  • *stretchy knit fabric, main 19"x9" (leopard print, shown here)
  • *stretchy knit fabric, lining 19"x9" (white, shown here)
  • pins
  • rotary cutter/mat or sharp scissors
  • coordinating thread
  • sewing machine

*To get these measurements, I measured the circumference of my head which was 22 inches. I cut my fabric to measure 19 inches wide in the direction of the stretch to go around my head, and then 9 inches tall. You can make it taller if you want.  I recommend you measure the circumference of your head and adjust accordingly. Your main fabric and your lining fabric should be the same size. 

Make sure the materials have a nice stretch. Your long side will most importantly need to have a lot of stretch. 

In the video, I show you the option to sew in a nose wire if you plan to use the neck gaitor as a face mask. I personally love to wear it as a headband, so I leave the wire out!

General Instructions

Please watch the short video for detailed sewing instructions. 

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How to Sew a Neck Gaiter Face Mask Image for Pinterest by Sew Cute by Katie

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