Let's Sew a Wristlet for Prom

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Sewing a custom wristlet for prom is a great way to practice your sewing skills.  BONUS to all my ladies needing deep hems on their dresses - use the fabric scraps!   

So, let’s make a wristlet for prom.  Watch my video below for a step-by-step tutorial on how to sew up this cute coordinating wristlet! 

Otherwise, keep scrolling and reading for a play-by-play!  

 Posted by Sew Cute by Katie on Wednesday, April 10, 2019


For this project, you'll need either left over remnants of the hem of your dress or coordinating fabric cut to the following dimensions:

8.5" x 12" (body)

2"x12" (strap)

Plus an 8" coordinating zipper

Getting Started

This written tutorial will guide you through the steps. Refer to the video to see how it's done!  

Let's start by taking your 2"x12" strap and fold it in half so that you have a 1"x12" piece, then iron.  Open up the strap, then fold the long edges into the center crease, iron.  Finally, fold in at creases so that you have a nice 0.5"x12" strap with no exposed edges, then iron and topstitch strap.  Set aside.

Zipper Install

Next, we'll sew in the zipper. Wait, a zipper? Yes, a zipper.  You can do this!  Not sew sure?  Pause where you're at...

...if you want to refer to a really great video tutorial on sewing in a zipper for extra practice, check out my Facebook Live video over by the Sew Cute By Katie Facebook page. In it, we transform a super cute placemat into a zippered cosmetic bag!  It's gorgeous; you'll love it! 

Watch how to sew in a zipper if you haven't yet.  The following link will take you to my Facebook Live tutorial: https://bit.ly/2Gi65Es

Ready?  Let's do this.  You'll need to use your sewing machine's zipper foot.  Move the needle close to the zipper foot.  Pin the zipper along the short 8.5" edge, zipper facing down onto right side of fabric.  Align edges and pin.  Stitch zipper in place, backstitching the beginning and end of your stitching line to secure threads.  One side done!

Bring the remaining right side up and pin to the remaining side of the zipper, right sides together.  Make sure the sides are lined up, too!  Stitch in place, backstitching beginning and end.  

Taking Shape

Now, we need to topstitch our new zipper seams so that the fabric lays beautifully flat.  Before topstitching, let's press down our new seams with an iron. Carefully topstitch so that you don't accidentally catch the wrong parts of the fabric (or, it's "Hello, Seam Ripper!").

Next, turn inside out. Lay the wristlet flat, so that the zipper is at the top and pin down the sides carefully.

Unzip the zipper halfway so that you can easily sew the side seams.

Insert Strap

Now, take your STRAP that we set aside earlier and fold it in half.  Stick the loop into the seam near the zipper top, holding the tails out about 1/2" and pin in place. 

Final Stitches

PIN around the wristlet.  Sew up each side, starting at the bottom and sewing up to the inside of the zipper (we don't want to see the zipper ends when the wristlet is turned right side out).  Clip any loose threads.  Trim corners off to remove bulk.  If you want to finish off those exposed edges to prevent excessive fraying, you can trim them with pinking shears or use a serger. 

Last step is to turn your wristlet right side out.  Push your corners out with your finger.  Test out your zipper.  Done! 

You Did It!

You've just made a matching wristlet for prom!  Woohoo!  You rock!  Pat yourself on the back while you're at it.  

Wristlets are great for your phone, lipstick, and money...all of the important things! Not going to prom?  What will you use this for?  Let us know in the comments! 

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